Rebuilding Services

Re-Go can undertake the following ;-

Rebuild Racks and Pumps for Vintage and Collectors Cars.
Regardless of whether its on the E Type Jaguar, Porsche, Aston Martin, Ferrari, end of collectible scale or if it is a more modest Lada Samara or Talbot Horizon for example we can rebuild and restore your Rack and Pinion and Power Steering Pump. We make most of the consumable wear parts in house, custom fitted to unit. We use premium quality bearings and seals throughout. We preserve the original I.D. plates when present to help maintain the originality and provenance of your vehicle.

Rebuild one off Racks and Pumps for Race Cars.
Different motorsport disciplines bring different challenges even into the rebuilding of the steering components. Our experience includes working on a range of makes and models of R2, R5, GpA, GpN rally cars & All classes of Rally Cross cars. All of the rack and pinions for these cars take a beating and we rebuild the tough! Often the parts have been run even when damaged which adds the the repair challenge. We can also upgrade them to make them stronger and more durable for the future. We can rebuild the power steering pumps and can also supply modified pumps with different flow and pressure outputs if an upgrade is desirable.

We have experience rebuilding Racks and Pumps for various Track cars. Whilst we have not rebuilt anything from an F1 car yet we have rebuilt parts for endurance cars, models worked on include legendary cars such as the Mercedes CLK GTR and Audi R8 LMP1. These applications use specialised low friction seals and specialised coatings not found in road car applications. Re-Go has the knowledge of how to process these parts. Specialised tools are required to perform the work on these parts in the correct and safe manner. Re-Go makes the required tool set in house if required so that no risk or compromise is taken when working on such specialised and valuable components.

All jobs are assessed and quoted on to ensure the best quality service is provided and follows the exact requirements of the client.