Fitting Info - Volvo S80

This steering rack is supplied without inner rods. The inner rods from the original unit must be reused, making sure they are secured using thread lock.

When loosening and refitting the inner tie rod, grip the bar at the toothed end only! Damage to the pinion valve and rack bar will occur if the rack bar is not supporte when removing or fitting the inner tie rods to the rack bar.

It is also very important that any plastic spacers found on the original rack bar are transferred onto the new unit. Careful attention must be made to refit the spacers to the same side of the rack bar as they can be uneven in length on certain models.

Failure to transfer the spacers of your unit to the new part will lead to a malfunction and loss of assistance after a short time. The spacers also prevent the tyres fouling the body and protect the CV joints from over extension and so re-fitment is safety critical.